A trusted and holistic digital assets management portfolio powered by blockchain technology.

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    Offering investors exposure to a managed portfolio of digital cryptocurrencies.

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Why Digital asset finance?

Stable daily profit

With DAF, stable daily profit is achieved from operating a multi-crypto account, as they don’t rely on the bullish market trend. Instead, a margin is gained on the total revenues of the selected digital currencies, freeing them from the grip of market fluctuations.

Innovative and revolutionary

DAF is powered by an innovative technology that allows our account managers to get real- time alerts on selected crypto markets from different exchanges

24/7 support

We answer to the request of every client. Our support service works in 24/7 mode. The FAQ section is also constantly updated with answers to some most commonly asked questions.

Referral commission

Earn up to 40% commission on every referrals on DAF.

Offering wholesale investors exposure to a managed portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Invest with Confidence.

Access Broader exposure

Build a portfolio for short and long term growth by gaining exposure to a wider range of strategies that might otherwise be difficult to access and invest in.

Early entry to a New Asset Class

Have the team's significant technical expertise and rigorous selection criteria do the heavy lifting to identify top-tier digital asset opportunities.

Peace of Mind Security

Risk mitigation practices are applied to safeguard investor funds and digital asset holdings.

Diversified Portfolio

As a new asset class, outstanding potential returns beckon. Target long-term uncorrelated diversification by applying a measured portfolio approach to investing.

Convenient Access

Replace the complexity of purchasing multiple digital assets by simply subscribing to any of our Investment parckage.

Take on the market with our powerful platforms.

Invite Friends. Earn On Digital Asset Finance Together

Earn up to 40% commission every time your friends make a subscription to Investment Products on DAF.

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