The Digital Asset Finance ATM Business Model “Building World-Wide Infrastructure” Cryptocurrencies are everywhere.

Bitcoin is now mainstream. The surge of many blockchain-based enterprises has changed the way companies operate today. While many of these companies focus on technology, Digital Asset Finance is creating the infrastructure for this environment to flourish. Just like withdrawing money from traditional ATMs, in the near future anyone can withdraw and deposit their cryptocurrencies at one of our next-generation terminals.

Independent from cryptocurrency prices, Digital Asset Finance profits from the volatility and the trading volume of the crypto market. Customers are able to purchase from a variety of coins, made available by connecting existing cryptocurrency exchanges to our trading system. Super-fast processing of trades and state-of-the-art hardware that enables purchase and sale of coins, make Digital Asset Finance ATMs the ideal tool for crypto enthusiasts all around the world. Our designer ATMs give the industry a visibility that will increase the mainstream reach of the market. Various other products offered at our ATMs promise investors strong and steady returns.

Our mission is to develop a system that gives a slice of the highly profitable cryptocurrency ATM business to our clients and the everyday person. Digital Asset Finance offers a fair and transparent cost structure, fully serviced ATMs and very attractive monthly and longterm payouts for every Unit owner and Digital Asset Finance business partner.

At the business end of the crypto market, profits achieved from operating a cryptocurrency ATM are considerably stable, as they don’t rely on a bullish market. Instead, a margin is gained on the total revenues of the processed transactions, freeing it from the grip of market fluctuations. Although volatility will be expected as a result of competition and the location of machines, the overall returns from each ATM are comparatively more promising than industry alternatives and will allow our ATMs to produce stable revenues.

Cryptocurrency ATMs are a long-term business and although machines can pay off in less than six months, they also boast a long lifespan. Cryptocurrency ATMs are usually placed in stores or on busy streets which give the industry great visibility – but many of the current machines use outdated technology. The vast majority of existing ATMs only allow for purchasing Bitcoin – not for selling. Most only operate in Bitcoin and are not capable of processing altcoin transactions.

Operations will be conducted and supervised out of Bern and Zurich, where the proximity to Zug and Crypto Valley will help us push the company to the highest levels. Switzerland is also one of the most favourable jurisdictions in the world in regards to operating cryptocurrency ATMs and is considered very cryptocurrency-friendly.

Next-Generation ATMs

Cryptocurrency ATMs are amazingly lucrative and also provide great visibility for cryptocurrencies.

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Purchase your own ATM with us. While we take care of technology, we service the machine. DAF only charges a small fee.

Host our ATMs

As a shop owner you can become part of our business. We will install an ATM at your place and pay rent.

DAF is looking to partner with companies and individuals as it sets up a network of DAF ATMs abroad.

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